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Like this but...

I like this app a lot but... I wish there were a bunch of sliders to control the randomness rather than waiting upon the program and sliding across the screen… It will be great to have that in settings or something… that I would pay for…


Very brilliant app. Thank you guys for making such a wonderful app!

Export is garbage without paying.

All I wanted was a background, at least high enough res so it looks decent, but it compresses it to pixelated trash, this is on a 5C no less.


Love this app! I bought the HD and wasn't disappointed! Ignore the comment below

"Save to Photos" = garbage quality

Don't expect high quality wallpapers when hitting "Save to Photos". They're blurry and ugly. If the developer expects me to pay $1.99 for each HQ wallpaper I want, they're fooling themselves.

My Favorite App for Creating Beautiful Wallpapers

Thank you for optimizing the app for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Download it

Nice little app to create your own unique wallpaper @ random.

Best wallpaper app PERIOD.

I couldn't have said it any better. There's nothing better then being able to generate beautiful combinations of colors and shapes at the swipe of a finger.

Still can't create wallpapers that rotate without zooming.

Not really the developer's fault, there's NO way to create wallpapers that can rotate without zooming. Just a warning to you if you thought this could do that.

Very cool and classy

My first review in a long time. I use this app on a regular basis to find/generate wallpapers. The artwork this app provides are very unique and classy, simply super-cool. Not to mention, the wallpapers can be used to blend over any of your existing images using apps like Image Blender, Union and several other apps that allow the user to blend multiple images. The result is sometimes unpredictable but always fun. If you're looking for "artsy" and unique wallpapers, want to get out of the scenic route then this is your best bet. Have fun.


The app is good but the option to make your own photos into a parallax wallpaper would make this app much better.

This software is good.

This software is good, but it loads the speed or slower wallpaper.


There's so much simplicity and a whole different perspective about colours. Beautiful app! try it now! It's awesome!

Beautiful, tasteful Wallpapers

This app is great! You get stunning wallpapers and infinite variety. Using it is a real pleasure. Highly recommended.

Simple and effective.

Here is a really simple way to create elegant backgrounds for your iOS device. The shapes, colors, and textures seem to be generated procedurally, so the results are like a new discovery with each refresh, and the style meshes perfectly with the flat design of iOS 7. I only wish it were easier to get a pleasing color combination; currently you will almost always get one or two weird, clashing colors that don't work well.

Crazy cool

My favorite wallpaper app ever!

Amazing App to create wallpapers

This app is perfect to create beautiful wallpapers for iOS 7. I recommend it to everyone


Great app to play with and to create new screen savers. That being, said, a lot of the color combinations can grate on the optical nerves. Please add an option in which the user can specify colors or a color range to be used in creating screensavers.

Amazing App!!! Worth every penny...

Great App! Amazing graphics and every wallpaper is unique! Love it #justsaying


If you have any kind of brain this app will end up boring you. Not enough random to the random, and no control or way to personalize it whatsoever.


Horrible app,totally bad user experience.I can't find my wallpapers back if I made a mistake. Can't control the app,and you have to pay to save your wallpaper otherwise you get a horrible looking picture. I WILL GIVE IT NONE STAR IF I CAN!!!!!

Good, but could be much better

What's really lacking from this app is the ability to pick the resolution of your image. Even after paying the $2, it will only output images in 1024x1024 on my iPad mini. I want to be able to select the resolution so I can make wallpapers for my iPhone and Mac using this app. The app is excellent, but with these tweaks, it would really be perfect.

Pretty but not my thing.

I like the randomness, but would also like some control too.

Sweet app!

Looks really good!

Super cool app!!!!

I can change my wallpaper with this amazing app. If you can't buy the app just took a picture using the iPhone home and upper button.

That's incredibly good

Beautiful app, generates amazingly awesome pictures.

Very cool

To all the people complaining about paying for great software: are you serious?? Do your job for free then get back to me. Awesome app! Could use a few more knobs for tweaking a pattern just the way I like it.

Great app

This app Is very uniqe, amazing wallpapers!


The app is useless unless you pay for it. What a joke

Not good

You can't get decent quality images unless you pay $1.99 for pro. It's useless

Low res output

Any image app that only outputs at screen resolution is useless. Even with the 2 dollar upgrade, the difference is whether the output is horribly compressed and horribly low res, or just horribly low res. I figured the upgrade would be substantive, and generate output of the maximum iOS resolution. Nope, still just screen resolution. Any serious application for the output is restricted.


Right now, it's kind of useless. You should be able to specify parameters and then have the app randomize what's left. And frankly, sneakily making users pay $2 to actually save the pictures is stupid.

Awesome idea

Awesome idea. Some stability issues, but worth 5 stars for creativity. Would be great to have control to tweak a design with filters, etc., although I understand the trade off of simplicity.

Great app

Of course you have to pay for high quality stuff. Developers are never going to make great apps for free, they need to eat too. I like being able to try it before paying too.

Just what I was looking for

Beautiful app, exactly the type of abstract styles I was looking for.


Nice UI. Nice designs. Good price. Quality app.

I hate the export

The low-quality export option is pathetic, everything is cocked up with a pixelated filter. Disappointed!

Like it but it needs improvement

It would be nice if u could edit colors or patten orhave a system that likes and dislikes and that gives you more based on your likes

Great interface, but you pay for output

Well designed interface, fun to experiment. But if you actually want to, you know, do anything with the art work, you simply have to pay the $1.99. The "free" app smears, er, saves images roughly equivalent to a 'JPG Quality 2' in Photoshop.


I hate it ugly colors

Pretty cool

I like it.


This is a great app! I absolutely hate in app purchases but I had to make an exception on this one. It's almost like a try it before you buy it. It is kind of peaceful to flip through all the randomly generated backgrounds then save a few then see how they look as the background. The only issue I had is that it can take a few seconds to load the next image on the retina iPad. On my 4s it is super snappy though.

Pretty cool, one bug

Beautiful app for creating backgrounds. There seems to be a bug when you try to view something in your gallery the colors change from the version that you saved.

Really nice

good stuff.

Get around paying for hi-res

Cool app, too bad they make you pay to save hi-res copies. Easy work around is to take a screen shot (press the sleep/wake button and the home button together quickly) and then when setting the photo as wallpaper just zoom in slightly so you can't see the logo. Bam, free hi-res copy.


This is actually a beautiful app. I just upgraded for the high quality images which makes it even better

Clever, but not free

I like the concept of this app, but once you make wallpapers (which do indeed turn out pretty cool if you play with it) they want to charge you 2$ to use them at full quality, the "free" ones are all pixelated and ugly. They don't tell you it's an in app purchase until you're all ready to save it, which I found annoying


Great app for wallpapers!


Very simple and very beautiful. Very good app.

Just ok

It's essentially just a bunch of wallpapers. There's no real customization.

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